Give the gift of reading to a friend, BUY BOOKS because at Mabel Murple’s Book Shoppe and Dreamery

“Every book is a gift and a friend ” – S.F.

Browse and shop for books in the granary.

Enter the Dreamery Space outside the granary

Write/draw on the What if ..wall.

Visit Our BOOK Shoppe

Sheree Fitch believes we have a “quaint-essential” natural resource in Atlantic Canada : storytelling. At our shoppe we want to celebrate Atlantic Canada‘s publishers and writers and books about our region and stories and poems rooted here.

“We’re vocal for local….. but ask us for a book you want and we’ll see if we can get it for you.” – S.F.


Our books aren’t what you might find in a bigger box store or all the latest releases. (Nothing against big or front lists..We are just different )

Our books are mostly new. A lot of backlist books. A small, “gently used” section.

Our books include novels, non-fiction, gift books, some activity books for rainy cottage days.

Yes, there are poetry books because  “a poem a day keeps the bugaboos away.”

Mabel’s House!


Stroll fields, bring a picnic, read a book, write in your journals, look at horses and a donkey grazing in the pasture.

Bring BUG SPRAY, SUNSCREEN & expect fragrance of donkey and horse.

Meet happy free range hens.

Peek in the door of purple house where Mabel Murple lives.

Spot dragons and monkeys and other Fitch and storybook friends.

Learn the stories behind the stories of Sheree’s award winning work over the past 30 years

Discover new storytellers and authors.

Share your stories & poems.

Meet authors and artists and storytellers.

Make a friend, make a memory, make something with your hands!

Our Staff

Linda Little is the author of three novels: Grist (Roseway 2014), Scotch River (Penguin 2006) and Strong Hollow (Goose Lane 2001).

Her first children’s picture book, Work and More Work, was published by Groundwood in 2015. In addition, she has published short stories in many journals and anthologies

While she has celebrated and fostered reading and writing in Nova Scotia for the past 25 years Mabel Murple’s Book Shoppe and Dreamery represents her first foray into book sales. Linda Little lives just around the corner in River John.

Our Book Shoppe is Wheelchair Accessible