Mabel Murple’s


Mabel Murple’s Book Shoppe and Dreamery is now
Mabel Murple’s Dreamery

Can we still visit the dreamery?

Yes. After July 10th, you are welcome to visit our dreamery space and Mabel Murple’s House is still available for a peek- a-boo.

You are welcome to spread quilts and picnic round the fairy tree or walk the labyrinth.

We will not be around so we ask you to take care of you and respect the property.

No feeding the animals.

There is no need for an appointment or entrance fee but we would really appreciate a note after your visit and for sure, any donations which will go towards upkeep so we can continue to offer our space.

Suggested donation is $20.00 per group.

The best email address for notes and etransfers is

[email protected]

Can we book birthday parties, field trips, family gatherings, photo shoots.

Maybe in the fall or next summer. Check back in August to see for fall school trip bookings.

Dear Friends
Although we made a decision and decided to close the book shoppe part of  Mabel Murple’s we have been asked  many questions.

Questions and answers

Are you okay?  Is Gilles’ Alzheimer’s worse?
Thank you for asking and the outpouring of genuine care and support.

WE ARE A- okay!
Okay is wonderful.

Alzheimers is a progressive disease and it progresses.

This and a few other factors led us to the realization we want a care-free summer so we can still make memories with family and friends. No schedules,etc. Playtime for us.

Family over work.

Do you still have books for sale and can we order online?

Stay tuned, there might be a giant book sale date in 2023.

The one thing we do know with life and this disease is that we never know, really.Things change and change again.
We will try to update.
Sometimes we will tweet — handle is @sherfitch
Our Number is still 902-495-7295

“As long as we have stories we will never be alone” –S.F.

Words, whimsy, wonder for all ages.

Think outside of the box ….

Read! Dream! Write! Imagine!

Some of our most cherished memories