Mabel Murple’s


Mabel Murple’s Book Shoppe and Dreamery is now
Mabel Murple’s Dreamery

Dear Friends
We have decided to keep Mabel Murple’s Book Shoppe closed for another season but welcome all who might want to stroll the property around the book shop, wave to donkeys, peek in
Mabel’s house, picnic under the trees, walk the labyrinth and take a stroll in the pasture where there is an apple orchard. And maybe fairies.

We are repairing the barn and ask everyone to take caution around that area. (We assume no liability.)

We will not be around to greet people, but now and then, we heard Gilles and Great Granny Gertie Green, Mabel Murple’s old friend, might be around to say hello.

We ask anyone visiting over the summer to make donations to The River John Fire Department or The River John Action Society.

This was the best way we could think of saying thank-you to the village we love so much.

During the past few years our volunteer Fire Department has come to our aid more than once and following the hurricane we cannot say enough about the kindness of everyone. Terry Heighton and all, great job!

We knew in 2001 we had found our forever home and it has been a wonderful place to settle these last 12 years. We have made many friends.

If anyone wants to book the property for an afternoon for a PRIVATE family outing or birthday venue or wedding —we actually had one here!– let us know and we can arrange that.

CALL 902 495 7295. There will be a fee for this.

PLEASE NOTE: On Labour Day Weekend there will a celebration for Gilles’ new barn ( even if not quite done ) and a blow out 50 per cent book sale.
And who knows maybe music and cupcakes and wandering picture book characters. And others!

There will be more on that on our website.

Some Sheree Fitch books will be available at Lismore Sheep Farm and From Away in Tatamagouche.

We have plans for future we are excited about but things will evolve. Right now, we want to enjoy our summer making memories filled with family and friends.

So we hope you will respect the grounds, take care of each other, and enjoy the property.

OH! YES! Anyone with perennials, invited to donate! Gardens for the future. Or nice rocks….we like rocks!

We still think this place is kind of old fashioned and magical and want to share. We missed seeing people enjoying our space even more than selling books! Who knew?

This truly is the little book shoppe and dreamery our community helped us create. We did it because we love it here and so many supported us.

So, please feel welcome.

Tell your friends and relatives and say hello if you see us. We have the donkeys still and the bunny and a big black puppy who only seems to answer to the name GOOD-DOG!

Tell us who you are.

We will leave a guest book on Mabel’s doorstep.

We like to know, even if we forget.

Have a great summer!

Sheree Fitch and Gilles Plante

“As long as we have stories we will never be alone” –S.F.

Words, whimsy, wonder for all ages.

Think outside of the box ….

Read! Dream! Write! Imagine!

Some of our most cherished memories